Design of A hierarchical Sugeno Fuzzy Controller for HVAC in Large Buildings

Basil Hamed, Loai Khashan


In this paper Fuzzy controller is used to control Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) System, which is time varying nonlinear system. This controller consists of two fuzzy levels. The first fuzzy level controls two varying feedback parameters (Air temperature and Air quality) and to make the controller adequate with these changes. While the second level controls the Error and Change of Error that comes from first fuzzy control level. In this research, a hierarchical Sugeno fuzzy controller type will be designed .The proposed structure is used to reduce the number of rules and the computational time required for the simulation processes, so it is suitable for nonlinear temperature control for low energy large buildings with features such as large capacity and longtime delay. The controller is developed using a computer simulation of a virtual building contains most parameters of a real building. Fuzzy rules are learned from experts and system performance observations. The proposed controller is tested using Matlab/Simulink environment, the results show that the Sugeno controller has a good response. Achieving these purposes will increase the thermal comfort and reduce energy consumption

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