Iron status parameters in preeclamptic women in Gaza, Palestine

Akram M. Altaher, Abed El-Kader Y. El-Ottol‎, Ahmed Y. Abu Hatab, Abdullah M. Alagh, Khader J. Abu Taha, Mohammed T Khafaja


Preeclampsia (PE) is a turmoil in the pregnancy appeared with the onset of hypertension and considerable amount of proteinuria. Extra serum iron is a causative component of oxidative stress concerned in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia. This study is a case control, conducted in 2018, and aimed to determine the iron status in preeclamptics as compared to normotensive pregnancies in Gaza strip. About 100 pregnant women with gestational age between 26 to 36 weeks. Fifty of them were preeclamptics and an equal number were without preeclampsia, aged between 18 to 35 years. Interview questionnaires were used to take sociodemographic and clinical data. Anthropometric evaluation and biochemical analysis were conducted. The SPSS version22 was used for data analysis. There was no statistically difference in the gestational age, gestational number and hemoglobin levels in the cases and controls (p≥ 0.05). In contrast, the body mass index (BMI), systolic, diastolic blood pressure (BP), and uric acid (UA) levels were significantly higher in preeclamptics (P<0.001). As well, the majority of cases were have +2 proteinuria on dipstick testing. Further, serum iron and ferritin levels were significantly higher in preeclamptics. On the other hand, ferritin levels had significant direct correlations with gestational number, previous preeclampsia, BMI, systolic BP, diastolic BP, UA, and proteinuria (P<0.05). Likewise, Iron had significant direct correlation with proteinuria (P<0.05). Preeclamptics have higher hematological parameters levels (iron & ferritin) as compared to normotensive women. However, Iron status of preeclamptic women should be assessed before giving iron supplements as these may cause more harm than benefit.


Preeclampsia, Iron, Ferritin, Gaza Strip, Palestine.

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