Correlation Between Anterior Corneal Curvature Power and Axial Ocular Dimensions in Emmetropic eyes of Female Children in Gaza Strip.

Hamed Tm Alkhodari, Amani m. El-Heeqe, Maram A. Baroud, ysaa R. Jendeya, Saba S. Al-zatma, Shoroq S. Alghoul


Purpose: To investigate the correlation between anterior corneal curvature power (CP) and axial ocular dimensions in emmetropic eyes of healthy children in Gaza. Methods: Ninety six emmetropic eyes of healthy female children aged 13 to 15 years (mean = 14 ± 1.00 years) were recruited for this cross sectional observational study. Variables studied were anterior corneal curvature power (CP), central corneal thickness (CCT), axial length (AL),anterior chamber depth (ACD), and lens thickness (LT). Results: The average values of CP, CCT, AL, ACD and LT were (43.41 ± 1.49 D), (543.58 ± 36.77 μm), (22.76 ± 0.78 mm), (3.36 ± 0.27 mm) and (3.54 ± 0.18 mm) respectively. There was a significant negative correlation between CP and AL (r=-0.687, p< 0.05). However, none of the other variables studied showed any significant correlation with CP (all p-value > 0.05). Conclusion: A population profile of axial ocular parameters was established in Palestinian female children (aged 13-15 years) for the first time. There was negative correlation between CP and AL,  while CP was not correlated with CCT, ACD or LT. Our study suggests that CP decreases with axial elongation. Findings of this study can be used as a reference for diagnostic and clinical purposes.


Anterior chamber depth, Anterior corneal curvature power, Axial length, Central corneal thickness, Lens thickness

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