Evaluating Software Quality Assurance Practices In Gaza Strip

Alaa M El-Halees , Mohammed Alnajjar


It is important to understand the degree developers in Gaza Strip perform standard Software Quality Assurance (SQA) activities. This would allow customers of the software to better understand the quality risks, if there is any. Further, it will help the developers identify process improvement opportunities to produce higher quality software. The purpose of this paper is to measure the effects of using software engineering practices on the productivity and the quality of the software. The study shows the variation of using these practices from doing project management, requirements gathering methods, documentations, using coding standard and testing. Also, it recommends some directions to improve the quality and productivity of the software in Gaza Strip. This paper presents the results of a survey to examine performing SQA through software development projects in organizations in Gaza, primarily centered using software engineering principles to support quality assurance process. The paper concludes that most of IT companies and organizations in Gaza Strip do not apply the quality assurance activities during the entire software development cycle, which leads to produce low quality software. It also concludes that most of Software organizations do not use common software engineering practices as required, the usage of software standards varied among of them, as most of them does not make documentation to their projects, and the testing process is mostly negligent. Keywords: Software quality assurance, testing, software in Gaza Strip.


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