Analysis of the Biochemical Parameters of Liver, Kidney Functions and Thyroid Stimulated Hormone in Children after Exposure to Mobile Phone Base Station Radiation and Therapeutic Action of Olive Oil

Ismail I. Abdel Aziz, Khitam Y. Elwasif, Mohammed A. Abu Jami, Mohammed M. Shabat, Osama A. Shahwan


This study aims to investigate the effects of non- ionizing radiation emitted from the base station on the children blood and possible protective role of olive oil supplementation, total of 120 children (6-12 years) were divided to three groups. The first group served as control group. The second group exposed to electromagnetic field (E.M.F) alone, the third group exposed to E.M.F of and given 2.5 ml/day olive oil supplementation for 5 weeks. The second and the third groups lived nearby mobile phone base station (100-150 m), more than 5 years. The liver parameters [ALT], [AST]), [ALP] and Bilirubin as well as the kidney parameters (urea Uric acid and creatinine) and TSH were assumed. EMF exposure caused increased the concentrations of urea, uric acid and creatinine but TSH decreased. Activities of serum (AST), (ALT), (ALP) and bilirubin were increased. Also, signs of improvements in the previous biochemical parameters and TSH were noticed after treatments with olive oil supplementation.


Electromagnetic Field, TSH Blood Serum, Liver and kidney function, Olive oil, Base station.

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