The Culture of Difference from an Islamic Perspective: Mechanisms and Morals

Iyad Nemer, Mohammad Al-Taher


The present article discusses the concept of difference as a natural phenomenon and civilizational necessity. It is confirmed that the difference between people’s minds and interests is inevitable and leads to variety and integration.

Light is shed on the employment of difference as a positive culture to reach integration between people’s opinions, acceptance of the Other and participation in community building. In contrast, there are negative types of difference, which reject and take a hostile attitude to the Other, pushing for bigotry and arrogance based on prioritizing personal desires over the truth.

A number of mechanisms and means are suggested from an Islamic perspective to help in promoting positive difference and reducing negative difference. The literature review provides true stories of pious and wise people who managed to build bridges on their differences with their good manners.

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manners of difference, reasoning.

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