Dangers and Treatment of Hypocrites' Rumors Thematic Analytical Study

Zakaria Sobhi ZenEldeen


The research sheds light on the role of hypocrites in spreading rumors in the Prophet's society. It reveals the dangers of such rumors through analyzing the Hadith narrated by Omar regarding the rumor of the Prophet, peace be upon him, divorcing his wives and the Hadith narrated by Aisha regarding the falsehood incident, where some reliable and honorable Companions (Sahaba) fell prey to the rumors spread by hypocrites. These rumors aimed at weakening the leadership. They spread so quickly appearing as an absolute truth, resulting in serious harm –including illness, insomnia and crying- to the accused. Analyzing the two Hadiths shows how to face and address rumors. Rumors can be overcome through preventing one's tongue from spreading the rumors, asking and referring to specialized people, being patient when one is falsely accused, relying on Allah until the truth is revealed and innocence is proven and forgiveness to erase any traces of these rumors.

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Rumor, Hypocrites, Dangers, Treatment, Thematic, Analytical.

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