The Humanitarian Aspect of Palliative Care: An Objective Study in the Light of the Prophet's Sunnah

Ahmed Muhammed Al-Naqla, Sameeha Hassan Al-Aswad


Islam that we believe in and invite people to is based on fixed unchangeable roots.
One of these basics is inviting its followers to renovation and refusing stiffness and imitation. Islam is the religion where man can find his dignity. It is the innateness of faith in one God and inviting its followers to follow the right path.
Allah says: (And We have certainly honored the children of Adam) and says:(Indeed, We guided him to the way). Palliative care is one of man's dignity, it has different aspects and dimensions. The researcher has chosen to shed light on the humanitarian aspect of this palliative care

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aspect _ humanitarian _ care- palliative _ dignity

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