Understanding Hamas's Stereotype in three Daily British Newspapers A Comparative Study

Hasan M. Abu Hashish, Rami M. Ruhmi


This article explores the Image of Hamas movement in the British Newspapers to understand the stereotypes of Hamas as a major player in the Palestinian conflict with the Israeli occupation. The research methods are based on the content analysis which serves the purpose of the examining news, while discourse analysis used in the argumentative structures of editorials. Three British newspapers were analyzed during two years study in 2015\16 to know Hamas stereotypes through the Guardian, the Times and the Daily Telegraph newspapers to illustrate the distinctions between the conservative and liberal British media regarding Hamas movement. Examining the three British broadsheets’ engagement with Hamas's issues over two years, this study focused on Hamas's image to understand the agenda of these newspapers and priorities towards Hamas and the Palestinian conflict with the Israeli Occupation.
The study resulted that the British newspapers deal with Hamas as a " terrorist, militant group, that control Gaza Strip". It is clearly shown in the analyzed material that the British newspapers adopted the Israeli views; in addition to focusing on Hamas rockets fired into Israel as well as Hamas control on Gaza neglecting any explanation of the Israeli occupation or the imposed blockade of Gaza.

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Hamas's Stereotype - Daily British Newspapers

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