The Role of Social Networks in Enhancing the Ethical Values inside the Palestinian Society: A Field study on media students at Gaza Universities

Amin Mansour Wafi


This field study deals with the role of social networks in enhancing ethical values inside the Palestinian society according to Palestinian youth perspectives in universities.
The study uses informative survey methodology through practice methods survey, and it is based on the use of gratifications and cultivation theories.
One of the most important results of this study is t need of the Palestinian youth for the use of various social networks . One type of gratifications to be achieved for them is the use of social networks in dialogues and opinion expression. One of the most important positive element of this study, from youth perspective, is that it is a way of interaction and participation . Regarding the role of networks in enhancing values, social value comes at the first rank. At the personal level, values of discipline and attendance come first.
Pertaining results of values enhanced through social networks from youth perspective, at the level of human relations, these networking enhance the relation between man and Allah. Regarding the role of networking in enhancing values in the society, the study shows that network plays a great role in enhancing values of solidarity and identifying ideals and principles in the society

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Role, Ethical, values, networking, social Media, youth.

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