The Influence of Organizational Health on Reducing the Job Burnout during the COVID- 19 Pandemic -An Applied Study on the medical section -

Fatimah Mohamed Mahdy


This study desires to identify the level of job burnout among health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and examine the impact of organizational health in reducing this feeling. A random sample of 400 individuals distributed among doctors and nurses working in hospitals in Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan was selected to achieve this goal. The questionnaire was used as a tool for data collection. The number of returned questionnaires was 318 (79.5%). The study confirmed the existence of an average level of organizational health application within the hospitals under study, which needs to raise awareness of the importance of organizational health. The study also confirmed the presence of high levels of burnout among the medical staff which explains the professional pressures that the medical staff were exposed during COVID-19. Also, the statistical results confirmed that organizational health has a significant positive effect on reducing job burnout. Accordingly, a comprehensive implementation plan was prepared that explains how to apply the dimensions of organizational health within hospitals in a way that contributes to creating an appropriate healthy organizational environment that improves the performance of health workers and reduces their sense of pressure and job burnout.

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Organizational Health (OH), Job Burnout, COVID- 19

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