Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON)technologies for future access networks

Fady I. El-Nahal, Mahmoud Alhalabi, Abdel Hakeim M. Husein


Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON) introduces high data rate and large bandwidth. A bidirectional WDM-PON system based on a Fabry-Perot laser diode (FP-LD) with two cascaded array waveguide gratings (AWGs) has been demnstrated. The downstream data rate equals to 10 Gbps and the upstream data rate equals to 2.5 Gbps. This network is classified to 10GPON Standard. FP-LD will be used at optical network unit (ONU) as transmitter, so it can re-modulate the downstream signal with upstream data and then re-sent upstream towards the central office (CO). The main idea for using AWGs in the system is to increase the capacity, security and privacy. AWGs will be used to multiplex and demultiplex different wavelengths in wavelength division multiplexing PON (WDM-PON). Our proposed system is an effective low cost system and the injection locked FP-LD is used as low cost colourless transmitters for high-speed optical access exploiting WDM technology


Wavelength Division Multiplexing Passive Optical Network (WDM-PON), Fabry-Perot laser diode (FP-LD), array waveguide gratings (AWGs).

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