Propagation of ballistic electrons at imaginary wavenubmers through periodic structures

Muin F Ubeid


This article presents a theoretical and numerical discussion of the propagation of ballistic electrons through a periodic structure. It is known that, the propagation of electromagnetic waves through a metamaterial characterized by ε and μ is not allowed when ε and μ are different in signs. In analogy our structure acts as a metamaterial for the propagation of ballistic electrons. In particular, we have shown that the transmission of ballistic electrons is possible through the structure when the wave number is imaginary. The main parameters of each layer are given and the required equations for the ballistic electron propagation are presented. Transfer matrix method is used to find out the characteristics of the transmitted powers of the structure. In the numerical results, the mentioned powers and the phase time for ballistic electrons are computed and illustrated as a function of the layer thickness, the electron effective mass, the region energy, and the number of periods.


Ballistic electrons, imaginary wavenumber, propagation, quantum theory, Schrödinger equation, transmission.

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