Occurrence of Toxoplasmosis and other intestinal parasites among stray Cats in Khanyounis Governorate, Palestine

Adnan I Al-Hindi, Mariam Abu-Draz, Alaa El-Zenati, Asmaa Abu Ali, Asmaa Abu Dagga


Introduction: Zoonotic parasitic diseases transmitted from animals to human is of concern on the health of the public. The present study was carried out to examine the occurrence of T. gondii and other zoonotic enteric parasites including protozoa and helminthes of stray cats in Khanyounis, Gaza strip, Palestine. A cross-sectional study was performed on 93 stray cats which trapped from Khanyounis governorate, and dissected; the observed parasites (cestodes, nematodes and treamatodes) were isolated and processed according parasitology standards methods. Faecal sample was examined by wet mount and flotation for T. gondii detection and other protozoa. The present study included 44 males cat (47.3%) and 49 females (52.7%). The general prevalence of intestinal parasitic infection was found to be 90 (96.8%). T. gondii was found to be 5 (5.4%), nematodes 41 (44.1%), cestodes 85 (91.4%) and trematodes 23 (24.7%). The most common round worms were Toxocara cati, Toxocara leonina, while cestodes Diplopylidium genettae, Joyeuiella kofend and other unknown. It is concluded that zoonotic parasitic diseases especially toxoplasmosis present among stray cats in Khanyounis, Gaza Strip. It is recommended that awareness and education should takes place towards zoonotic diseases among Palestinian society especially that stray cats and house cats are so prevalent in Gaza strip.


cats, parasites, Toxoplasma gondii, Khanyounis, zoonosis.

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