Stress among Medical Students in the Gaza Strip

anhar A. farajallah, Areefa SM. Alkasseh


Background: Stress is recognized as a worldwide phenomenon. Medical students around the world suffering from psychological stress and decrease life satisfaction and academic performance.

Aim: The study aims to identify the prevalence of stress among medical student in the Gaza Strip.

Study design: Across- sectional- descriptive analytical design was used to conduct the study.

Sample and sampling: stratified random sampling. The target participants were the medical students from AL-Azhar & Islamic university in the Gaza Strip, the sample was 250 students. 138 students from AL-Azhar University and 112 students from Islamic University of both sexes.

Methods: A self-administered online questionnaire was used to collect the data. The questionnaire included two parts. First, personal characteristics, Second, modified Medical Stressor Questionnaire (MSSQ-40).

Results: Revealed that the prevalence of stress among medical students was found to be 48.25%:, classified as moderate stress. Academic stress with an average of (63%), was the first stress among medical students, and was rated as high stress, followed by teaching and learning stress, (55.75%) which considered high. While, social pressure (49.75%), group activity (44.25%), drive and desire (39%), and intrapersonal and interpersonal stress (37.5%) are - classified as moderate stress. The average stress due to heavy curriculum in the academic domain was the highest one with a score of 78% classified as severe stress. Academic stress during the clinical training (65.75%) was higher than the pre-clinical training years (61%). No statistical differences were detected in term of gender regarding stress.

Conclusion: There are several sources of stress affecting medical students. Academic-related stress were the major and the first stressor among medical students.

Recommendations: Medical faculties should care about medical students. This is possible by providing effective stress reduction strategies, counseling and- a balanced curriculum.



Stress, Medical Students, Stressors, Academic Stress

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